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Speak From the Body

Dec 11, 2019


Carly Mountain is a teacher and writer who works with poetry, yoga, breathwork and voice as transformational practice that can liberate us in ways we never anticipated. She is the creatrix of the Butterfly Mystery School which is home to circles of women who wish to deepen relationship with themselves and their natural abundant expression. Carly is also author of Jouissance ~ poetry of the deep feminine. She is based in Sheffield, UK where she lives with her husband and two daughters.


  • Carly started dancing at 4 years old. She trained at the Laban Centre
  • She pursued yoga and went from her first class to teaching within 18 months
  • Graham technique had helped to release stuckness in the pelvis. Created by Martha Graham, the approach was inspired by Kundalini yoga, moving energy through the body
  • Yoga is very much about the practice, compared with dance as a performance
  • Pregnancy yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli
  • The Butterfly School includes yoga, poetry, breathwork and creative enquiry
  • Butterfly - mudra practice
  • Searching for a place where emotional work could exist alongside the physical expression
  • Craving female support and recognising other women must be craving it too
  • The perception that we “should be looking for a calm place inside ourselves”
  • Kim Rosen uses free movement, breathwork, poetry and freeing the voice to give rise to whatever is there
  • Being able to be with all the realms of expression
  • Without fully expressing, we’re lidding an essential part of our being
  • All emotion is welcome, all emotion is valuable
  • Grief and rage are huge connectors
  • Saying yes and no from the body
  • Consent ripples through our lives - being programmed to respond quickly. Taking a pause
  • Permission to rest
  • Listening to our cyclical wisdom
  • The Autumn (less tolerance for putting up with things) and Winter (hibernating and resting, going inwards) phases of the cycle. How easy it is to push these phases away, but there’s a renewal that comes from dropping in to resting
  • Women supporting women is nourishing
  • Often we don’t know we’re safe until we’ve taken a risk
  • Remembering who you are and letting go of what you’re not
  • Oxytocin is released when sitting with other women in circle
  • Poetry as a powerful tool
  • Intimacy as “going into the unknown together”
  • ‘Blurt write’ to allow the pen to flow on the page
  • Moonbox for a young girl before she has her menarche to celebrate and share this stage instead of shame and fear
  • Jouissance, Carly’s book of poetry to celebrate the fullness of womanhood
  • Extinction Rebellion is calling people into their eldership
  • A new intake of The Butterfly School starts in January 2020


What If...?

What if it had been the Mother, the Daughter, and the Holy Spirit?

How different might things of be then,

if women only had their natural limits?

Blood revered as a super power,

as beautiful and welcomed and earthly as a flower.

Childbirth, if chosen, a sacred rite of passage.

Midwives as holy women.

Crones as the wisdom cup.

A sisterhood, a sisterhood.

Nature as Queen and ageing as a privilege. 

What if it had been the Mother, the Daughter, and the Holy Spirit?

How different might things be then. 

- Carly Mountain




Twitter @carly_mountain

Instagram @carly_mountain


The Butterfly School:

Jouissance poetry book