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Speak From the Body

Nov 27, 2019

Aki is a true explorer of movements and living body-mind.

She is a registered somatic movement therapist / educator, trained in Body-Mind Centering® (BMC) and Integrative Body-Work and Movement Therapy (IBMT), and a qualified practitioner of Neuro Affective Relational Model ® (NARM), which is a form of early trauma healing work designed for adult clients.

She is passionate about developmental movements; embryology and they are largely incorporated into all her work, including teaching yoga.

She runs trainings for yoga teachers, holistic therapists and psychotherapists, based on developmental movements and embodied anatomy of the nervous system in search of wellbeing.

Her latest interest is to develop a practice on “voice & movement” as a way to enhance and improve quality of lives. Her future project will be to bring developmental movement work to psychotherapy trainings and she is also preparing to launch her web based live training courses.

(She loves driving, chopping vegetables with a good sharp knife, contact improvisation (a form of dance) and enjoys general dancing about in the flat and in parks. Her aim is to dance and sing her way into her grave.)

In todays episode:


  • Aki comes from a musical family and started singing young
  • She studied physical theatre and became interested in movement and dance including contact improvisation
  • Contact improvisation has a deep relationship with the work of Bonnie Bambridge-Cohen, who developed Body-Mind Centering (BMC)
  • Aki was also influenced by yoga teacher Donna Farhi
  • A Japanese bodyworker called Noguchi, who she describes as being a gift to humanity, influenced Bonnie Bambridge-Cohen when she lived in Japan
  • Using active intervention to explore the movement of the body, by providing questions and allowing each person to be respectful of their own experience
  • Somatic work tends to have a two-way dialogue, so the person has agency about their process
  • Learning anatomy through the experience of the body as well as teaching models and diagrams
  • Sensory information is incoming flow
  • The more we are embodied, the more we can contact the cells and tissues with their language through touch, e.g. the periosteum and skin
  • Cellular breathing of the whole organism 
  • Consent about receiving adjustments in a class
  • Addressing early trauma through the body
  • Attachment issues
  • Addressing embryology in embodied movement
  • Play and lightness to aid understanding
  • Awareness of the front surface of the body has a different feeling than the back
  • Embryology relates to the meridians
  • Physiology from the East and Anatomy from the West
  • Developmental trauma work with adults
  • Exploring sound and movement


To find out more about Aki Omori and her classes and workshops:

@akisomatic (twitter)

akisomatic (instagram)

Yoga and Somatics with Aki Omori (Facebook page)